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New spare parts

Pneumatic stamping hammer

Pneumatic Stamping Hammer used for marking all kind of leather (cattle, goat, sheep, etc.) in any stage of the process applicable; for raw, pelt pickles, wet blue, crust, semi-finished or finished hides, functioning under compressed air to 4/8 atm. With a capacity to hold 10 numbers, letters or marks.

Shaving machines

Shaving dust compactor

This new shaving dust compactor is capable of handling one big shaving machine or two small shaving machines. The dust compactor has an install power of 5 Kw.

This Alphanumerical Loto keyboard is appliable for the GER Loto and Topscan measuring machines.

Laboratory equipment

Tannery Projects barrel washer

This new automatic barrel cleaner is completely structured in 304 stainless-steel; thanks to the rotating nylon brushes with brushes on the head, managed by a gear motor.

This rubber cone is for the SC 500 hair filter press. For more information, contact us.