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Rizzi SG6 fleshing machine

This Rizzi fleshing machine is currently fully reconditioned, it is the perfect fleshing machine for cleaning big and heavy hides. The Rizzi SG 6 fleshing machine has double grip rollers and a bolster to clean the hides better.

This Challenge Cook stainless steel mixer can be used for soaking and liming process for all type of small hides and skins. The Challenge Cook mixer can be supplied fully reconditioned.

These custom made inflatable door seals can be applied to any tannery drum available in the market. For example Valero, Olcina, Italprogetti, Billeri, Poletto, Dose and Pajusco drums.

This stainless steel Italprogetti drum is in good working condition with a double wall and inside heating device, the Italprogetti drum capacity is 350 liter which could refer to 35 kg shaved weight capacity.

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