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Buffing & Dedusting machines

CMM Wet Buffing PON-MATIC-01

This is a CMM wet buffing machine that is specifically made for suede and napa skin.

Buffing & Dedusting machines

Bergi T2 Ariosa dedusting machine

This Bergi T2 dedusting machine is complete with ionization bar,  blower, filter and suction fan. The Bergi dedusting machine can work in line with for example rollercoater, staking machine, sprayline.

This Poletto fleshing machine is currently under construction to be fully reconditioned. The fleshing machine has double grip rollers and a bolster to clean the hides better.

New spare parts

Carlessi toggle clips

There are available several thousand Carlessi toggle clips in good condition and for a very interesting price. If you are interested in smaller amounts, we have the possibility to prepare smaller batches of Carlessi toggle clips.

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