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Buffing & Dedusting machines

Bergi T2 Ariosa dedusting machine

This Bergi T2 dedusting machine is complete with ionization bar,  blower, filter and suction fan. The Bergi dedusting machine can work in line with for example rollercoater, staking machine, sprayline.

Spray lines and drying tunnels

Carlessi SRX spraying line gas tunnel

This Carlessi SRX spraying line is complete with feed in and feed out and with a gas drying tunnel. The complete Carlessi spraying line is still inside the tannery and available for inspection at any time.

Roller coating machines

Gemata Jumbo universal rollercoater

This Gemata Jumbo universal rollercoater is the perfect machine for heavy basecoating with it’s 3400 mm working width it is suitable for big hides for automotive and upholstery leathers.

Roller coating machines

Gemata Jumbostar rollercoater

This Gemata Jumbostar is in very good working condition. The Gemata Jumbostar includes one Gemata Puller and one Gemata spreader all in 3400 mm working width.

This 3400mm Kela four head staking machine with double beating jaw is the ideal machine for big bovine leathers. The 3400mm Kela four head staking is with independed pinplate opening configuration.