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This Bergi Aruga 3200mm setting out machine with felt roller is the perfect machine for thin leathers like upholstery and automotive leather.

Buffing & Dedusting machines

Bergi Selecta buffing line

This Bergi Selecta buffing line is complete with a Bergi Ariosa 3 head deduster. The line comes with a Robuschi blower, Briquetting press, filterbox and auction fan. The complete line can be offered as it is in good working condition or in reconditioned state.

This Bergi superpress is the best selling heavy duty trough feed ironing embossing machine made by BERGI.

The 3200mm Cartigliano two head staking machine with double beating jaw is the ideal machine for big bovine leathers.

Setting out machines

CM Ral/CS setting out machine

In good working condition.

This GER Loto Soft measuring machine was fully overhauled in 2012, the machine is complete with stamping device and with printer.

Measuring machines

GER TOPSCAN measuring machine

This (reconditioned) GER measuring machine is used for finished leathers, it has a stamping unit and printer included.

This Poletto fleshing machine is currently under construction to be fully reconditioned. The fleshing machine has double grip rollers and a bolster to clean the hides better.