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This CM 5 roller through feed sammying machine is perfect for big production numbers in upholstery and automotive leathers.

Setting out machines

CM RAL PN setting out machine

This CM RAL PN is fully reconditioned and is the perfect machine for heavy setting out and sammying (1 felt roller) process in the traditional way.

This Mosconi Super Zenit lime splitter is included with Steni extractor. The 3000mm Mosconi lime splitting machine will be reconditioned as new.

Sammying machines

Rizzi PRN 6 sammying machine

This Rizzi PRN6 through feed sammying machine, is fully reconditioned and perfect for small production numbers in upholstery and automotive leathers.

Fleshing machines

Rizzi SG6 fleshing machine

This Rizzi fleshing machine is currently fully reconditioned, it is the perfect fleshing machine for cleaning big and heavy hides. The Rizzi SG 6 fleshing machine has double grip rollers and a bolster to clean the hides better.